Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dash is 28 months today

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Dash woke me up once in the night because he thought there was a cat on his nightlight; he woke up screaming in the morning because he thought there was a snake in his bed. We had to turn all the lights on and carefully go through his blankets to be sure.

There was a snake in his bed! It was a ty beanie baby green snake that we named "No Feet" after the Maurice Sendak snake; also, I showed Dash his articulated wooden snake (who is now named "Other No Feet") and Dash made sure there were introductions all around.

At 28 months, Dash is a very friendly boy "Hi! I'm Dash!", is sweet, goofy, and really helps curb the moodiness around the house. If AJS starts ranting about something, Dash recognises the escalating tones and says, "be quiet, Daddy." (It works!) He's very active and almost acrobatic (especially on couches), but still likes to be carried in the sling when he's tired. I prefer this to trying to carry him unsupported; if he needs to be carried, the sling is the best!

Dash loves his toys and other possessions and will hug them with a little squeak when he rediscovers them. One of his favorite stuffed animals, "Happy Duck," was found when we returned from our vacation and so named when he lovingly picked it up squeezed it tightly, saying "happy see duck!" I have given him lots of bird toys, so he has quite a collection of plush ducks, owls, parrots, and even an ostrich and an eagle.

Dash's best loved movies right now are "Here Come the ABCs" by TMBG, and "Mulan". His favorite foods are grapes, hot dogs, and noodles, but he is a pretty hearty eater with many foods. His vocabulary is really soaring! I really haven't been keeping track of it because he seems to understand most of what we're saying and is able to communicate his thoughts very well in extended complex sentences.

He is playing very independently these days, thankfully!!! When we visit friends' houses and there are other kids his age, I'm letting him play fairly unsupervised and only intervening if there's an altercation. This is a fabulous development for me, socially! I can actually carry on a conversation with friends and the kids don't need my constant attention.

Dash is very cuddly and affectionate, too. He gives the cutest "fish-kisses" and usually has my lipstick all over him when he heads into school, where Rosie is fine with one kiss, Dash wants multiple kisses when they drop me off at the train station in the mornings.

I love you, little guy!


  1. Also very good with patting. Place anything nice in front of Dash -- a doll, a toy, a nice piece of food that he likes -- he will smile, give it a nice soft pat, and admire it for a moment before having his way with it.

    He also has an alarming capacity for grapes, fruitcups, and hotdoggahs.

  2. Multiple kisses are the best kind.

  3. He really is just the sweetest little muffin. I look forward to seeing him grow into a man. I wonder what kind of trouble he and Liam will get into....

  4. Do the words "shootout" and "Bolivian army" mean anything to you?

  5. BC LOVELOVELOVES to play with dash. but as he grows older, she will be puzzled, as she was with my friend's son. see, he was a cute little toddler, and lo and behold -- one day, we went over, and he wasn't a cuddly little toddler anymore. he had opinions. it was nutz.

    mama, she wailed, what happened to the baby!!!

    yep. it's a matter of time before i hear that refrain about dash. imagine what it will be like when the child is actually hers [no rush, no rush!];-)

    but he is so cuuuuuuuuuute!

  6. His standard refrain when you say, "C'mere lil guy/Mister Baby/lil Dash!" is "NO BABY! NO GUY! I'M DASH!"

    I keep expecting him to add "DAMMIT" like Gumby did.

  7. What a sweetheart!!! I love his smile.


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