Saturday, October 27, 2007

Out with no kids!

Friday night, I went to see Tori Amos in concert at Constitution Hall, very spur-of-the-moment
and with girlfriends only. AJS watched the kids, fed them cookies and Apple Jacks and was upset that they didn't go to sleep until 10:45. All three of my girlfriends also have two kids and we were all delighted that our spouses agreed to watch them so we could go out together.

When Sheryl told us that she had won free tix through a radio station, we all jumped at the
opportunity. I still can't recall any show that I've seen between yesterday and 2002. Seriously!
I saw Billy Bragg @ the 9:30 Club while I was pregnant with Rosie (that's 5 years, for those of
you not keeping track). We all enjoyed the show, even though our vantage point mostly showed
the back of Tori's wig as she played her grand piano. Beautiful light show!

Thanks, girlfriends! We need to do this more often, but maybe earlier in the evening,
especially for those of us with child-induced sleep-deprivation.


  1. Tori Amos! You lucky dog! I just love her.

  2. Yes, totally, let's plan a monthly night out. We so frick-frackin' deserve it.


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