Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The fly

Growing up, my dad always had a little game with us if a bug got in the house or if a bee was following us around. He would ask, "Who's fly is this? Is this your pet fly? You need to take your pet out of the house," etc. And my sister and I'd be all indignant, "Noo-wuh! I don't have any pet bugs, EWWW!"

So, it was just natural for me when I had this chat with Dash this morning, only it backfired:

Me: (changing Dash's diaper, fly buzzes nearby) Hey, there's
a fly here! Dash, is this your fly-friend?
Dash: Yeah. My fly-friend.
Me: Well, your fly-friend is being a pest. AJS! Dash has a fly!
AJS: Okay, I'll come kill that fly! (Has magazine rolled up and ready)
Dash: (face collapses into quivering lip and droopy eyes) NO! No kill! My fly-friend!! Mine! Friend!
(AJS & I start laughing.)
AJS: Aw, our sweet little Buddhist!


  1. Between this and the spider, oi, what a cutie!

  2. nice to know that he'll never use his chopsticks for fly catching.


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