Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Road rage

AJS and I saw this crazy car accident this weekend. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but everyone involved needs their heads checked.

So, I notice a car tailgaiting me and when I can, I pull into the right lane. This red truck whizzes past me, closely followed by a white Lexus SUV. When there was a small opening, the Lexus swerves into the right lane, hits the gas, then oh-so-tightly! swerves back into the left lane to cut off the red truck! I swear, there was only a few inches in between them.

From there, the red truck stays on the Lexus, just inches away, when the Lexus makes a crazy right turn --from the LEFT lane-- to exit onto a side street. Too late and enraged, the red truck tries to follow the Lexus (for retribution?) and loses control.

The red truck does a 180 to land rearward into a copse of bushes and small trees. The Lexus got the F out of there.

And so did we. Yikes!


  1. Yikes! is right. That's more excitement than I need from driving. But is it road rage or road idiocy? Plenty of both to go around.

  2. Geez, there are some psychos out there. I'm glad Red Truck didn't find a reason to go all kamikaze on you guys. You never know what's going through a person's head.

    I checked out your photos over on NaBloPoMo...man, you've got some cute kids.

  3. On top of all that, this was in a 35 MPH zone, and I was already going 40. They were probably speeding at 50 or more. CRAZY.

    And thanks OTC!! It's a good thing they're so cute, KWIM? The things those kids put us through sometimes...

  4. Holy cow! That's insane. Utter nutters.

  5. what is WRONG with people??? i nearly lost it on I270, though the GW Pkwy is like taking your life in your hands, too -- you've got tourists who obey the 40 MPH signs combined with the people going 70 -- it's SO UGLY. rats in a maze, i tell ya. they're rats in a maze.

    just glad you're ok.


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