Saturday, October 20, 2007

Junior and Dash

Junior is AJS's bunny. Junior shared AJS's crib when he was a babe, which gives the bunny about 38 years on Dash.

Even so, Dash seems to enjoy his company. Junior, you've still got the magic!


  1. What is it with men and their bunnies? E. had a bunny he called Ester when he was young. Unfortunately, his Ester fled to the Land of Forgotten Hotel Personal Belongings. He still gets teary eyed talking about her.

    I'm sure Dash is in for a lifetime love affair with Junior. Glad AJS likes to share.

    Hey, and congrats on the new job! It would be so cool to ride a train to work everyday. (simple pleasures) We have ZERO public transportation in my neck of the woods.

  2. that bear explains a lot about AJS ;-)

    congrats on the new job. i'll keep hoping the commute improves. i'll click my heels and all that good stuff.


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