Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Art Nouveau image request

Say, here's a request to all you image junkies out there: I have been looking for an art nouveau-style image of a dragonfly.

It seems that the most popular art nouveau motifs are flowers, vines, flowing fabrics, flowing hair, abstract curvilinear patterns, female figures, really fascinating typography, and astounding architectural details.

Insects, especially dragonflies, seem to me to be well suited to this style of art, with their intricate tracery in the wings, and the tapered symmetry of their bodies. Nevertheless, I have not found any satisfactory images.

I am close to attempting to draw what I have in mind myself, but for that, I would want a sample of something similar. Anyone interested in helping me with research? It's purely personal.


  1. did you try searching google images? i'm so lazy, that's what i do first for everything. that & wikipedia, since all their images are free...

  2. The intricacy of the detail reminds me of the mazes I used to draw in gradeschool to keep my mind off my priapism.

    Hint: it doesn't work.

  3. try this image on...i remembered it from my old job


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