Monday, November 12, 2007

Final count was 86 partiers!

I went back to, changed "guest replies" until I had an accurate count, and came up with 86 people who were at our house. We have a small house, originally meant to have only two bedrooms. The third bedroom (Dash's) was designed to be a formal dining room. Our basement is finished and has a separate office in it (a fourth bedroom), so there are many places for people to lurk.

The photo above has my dad in the foreground, holding a glass of wine, and I sure hope he and the rest of our guests had a great time! It was fun pulling it off.


  1. Holy cow! I could never host that many people and maintain my sanity. Kudos! And happy birthday to Rosie!

  2. And at least 40 of them were under 5 years old!

    Just FYI, smeared green glitter glue (you're looking at the coloring station) did come out of the hardwood floor with warm water and some Murphy's Oil soap.

    Seated at the coloring table are (from the back) siblings Brian & Ava, Gabriela (behind Liz, squatting), little blond Liam O! (drinking juice), and Michael (sitting behind his mom, Pam, who is probably wiping glitter glue off his face).

  3. This is so funny, I was looking at the picture and thought "Aaaw, my little boy! ... Wait a minute, we don't have a jacket like that. Or those shoes." From behind, the blondie bear looks a lot like Liam, but it actually is not.

  4. Ah-HA! You are so absolutely right. The man in the red sweater to the far left is the actual blondie-boy parent! Upon closer examination, the boy is actually Adam, from Dash's class. Adam's older brother, Alex, is in Rosie's class. Adam is about the same age as Liam, I think.

  5. Sanity only GETS IN THE WAY when you're cooking for 50+. Need to get more people DOWNSTAIRS next time. Maybe a cupcake/apertif tasting bar?


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