Sunday, November 11, 2007

First twos tantrum!

Dash threw his very first, sustained, terrible-twos tantrum today, at 28.5 months. Seriously, the first. Normally, he's very easy to redirect when he starts yelling, you know, "hey look over there" and he's done. But today, I was at a park (where we saw Peacocks!! too wondrous lovely) with Rosie, Dash, Kellygo and her two active cuties and he threw it.

Even though he and Rosie both claimed to be "fine" in their cotton hoodies, their fingers were icy whenever I touched them; I had brought winter coats just in case. Rosie changed into hers easy, no fuss, and chased after Thea and Liam. Dash, however, thrashed and screamed in his new winter coat: "NO LIKE THIS JACKET!! IS ICKY!!" (typical of other clothing changes this week, so I was primed to ignore it.)

I had to pick him up to keep up with Kelly and crew, but he thrashed some more, kicked, and shoved his hand in my neck, so I put him down, figuring he wanted to walk, who knows? As soon as he was down, he just flopped on his back and continued screaming.

I'm sorry, I had to laugh. It's just that I can't keep from putting these types of events in perspective! OMG, YR COAT SUX? THE WRLD IZ ENDDIG!

I tried to continue as normal, but had to take the coat off. Major mom battle, lost, so sad. Whatever. There was a second tantrum about 30 minutes later when Rosie had to use a public toilet and Dash was too busy playing to be interrupted. So, he got strapped into his car seat to scream while confined, and we said our goodbyes to our friends. Thanks Kelly for handling R's potty break!

Dash settled down a short while after we got on the road, strangely after he had some food (see a pattern from earlier posts?). And was even delighted when I played his musical request: "Mommee? Play 'Hello, Baby' please? YAY, 'Hello, Baby!' Is FUN!! YAY!!"

"Hello, Baby" is a nonsense dance tune by a Japanese pop band off of a gray's anatomy soundtrack I like to play; it's goofy and repetitive and really seemed to help take the edge off tantrum-boy. That and some cheese crackers.


  1. That was pretty hilarious. And it was great they way you maintained your sense of humor about the whole thing.

  2. poor Dash....icky coats are hard to deal with.


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