Friday, November 30, 2007

Rosie's art!

I'm amazed at how Rosie's drawing skills have progressed in just the past few months. For a long while, most of her drawings looked like these first two, with tiny heads and long triangular dresses. The spiral locks are an indicator that they are portraits of herself (Rosie=curly-curls).

But, just this past week, she has brought home several of these other types of drawings: a large head with detailed features, large lips, eyes with iris/pupils, even ears with earrings, and a shirt of some sort with sleeves. I'm loving her color combinations! I also am delighted that she's made Cinderella a brunette.

Up until a few weeks ago her daycare teacher has been telling us that Rosie has trouble listening, focusing and wasn't participating in class projects. I don't know what turned things around, but we've been hearing wonderful things lately! Rosie's listening, participating (bringing a prolific amount of projects home), practicing her letters A LOT! and has even been helping her classmates with their work. I'll have to see if Ms. S has any insights.


  1. Shoulda scanned in the one of daddy. It looked like there were two bugs in the hair, so I asked here what they were. She said, "That's daddy dreaming of kissing mommy!"

  2. That was sooo sweet! Didn't she have one of herself, too, where she was dreaming of hugging/kissing Daddy? Somehow, I didn't get included. Maybe she perceives me as being too fulfilled to pine for things? Because of course, it's true. ;-(

  3. As one who runs an art gallery, I can say these drawings are quite lovely.

    re: class/participation...wondering if Rosie is bored in class because she is too smart and advanced for said class?

  4. I love those early drawings! So adorable!


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