Saturday, November 24, 2007

Enchanted, with Rosie

Auntie M. And I took Rosie to see Enchanted
today, which was a cute movie. Rosie seemed to
really be getting into the cartoon intro, although
it was a bit overdone; you know, they were
alluding to decades of other princess movies and
making fun of them at the same time. So, after
the princess gets sucked into the real world,
Manhattan and we meet Robert, the divorce
lawyer with real-world problems and sarcasm,
we start to lose Rosie.

About two-thirds into the film, I heard a lot of
"I want to go!" repeatedly, until I grabbed her
and put her in my lap so I could wax
enthusiastically about plot points until the movie
ended. There were some parts I really enjoyed,
like the group dance number with the singing
throughout Central Park. That was pretty well-
done, seriously. And I was even surprised when
Giselle sucessfully called on the local critters to
help her clean Robert's apartment. Yow. Even
with her squirming and multiple demands to
leave, Rosie spontaneously told us, "That was a
good movie!" when were walking out.

I tried to get Rosie to help with my review, but
it's bedtime and her recall isn't that good. This is
the best I can get from her:

Me: what was your favorite part of the movie we saw today?
Rosie: I don't know. Um, I liked the ending...
Me: what did you like about the ending?
Rosie: because people kissed.
Me: who kissed?
Rosie: the boy and girl.
Me: what made that your favorite part?
Rosie: I don't know. Everyone seemed happy.

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