Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yesterday while I was talking down an exhibit (a banner stand) after a seminar my office hosts, I misjudged how strong the retraction element on the display fabric was and the whole thing came down on top of my right foot. I tried to stay off it and iced it before bed. It's feeling much better, thanks!

This morning, I was walking down our staircase, and for the first time EVER, I missed the last step and after stepping into air, I landed on my right knee (this is the kind of thing that I have disturbing dreams about). I was holding a glass full of water and managed to hold onto it; of course the water went everywhere, but that's easier to clean up than glass. Whew. Also, after my shower, I went to pull a towel out of our overstuffed towel rack (thank you AJS) and the drywall anchors lost the fight, dumping the fixture, all the towels and drywall debris onto the floor.

And for clumsiness in a verbal way, I forgot that I had given a paper invitation to our neighbor, inviting her son to Rosie's birthday party and that she had told me right then that they could come. I so, very, very much rely on evite and email that paper invites freak me out. How can you track them? Well, I had this horrifying moment late yesterday that I had forgotten to invite them and so sent her an email and left a voicemail to be sure to include them.

This is what separates me big time from the rest of my neighbors, I think. They are sooo not big on inclusion.

I received an email this morning from her reminding me that they were all set. And I feel like a flake that can't keep track of the simplest things.

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  1. Ouch!! Are you getting enough sleep? I'm always more clumsy when I've been up a few nights.


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