Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Tricky-treets for you.

Yesterday, AJS got a call early on from daycare that Rosie had a fever and when he arrived to pick her up, she had just puked on the lunch table. Ewww. OUR theory is that this fever and nausea are related to the flu shots that we all got on Tuesday.

My Tuesday was all messed up by the flu shots; I decided to ditch my dance class :-( because we were going to the flu shot clinic and I hadn't finished the final details on the kids' mostly-home-made costumes. If I went to the class, the costumes would be moot. So, we were at the very-overcrowded clinic for over an hour waiting and finally getting the shots. AJS and I got them too, and set very fine examples for the kids.

Nurse: Who's getting their shot first?

AJS: (jumping up with arm in the air) ME!! ME!! I'm first!

I followed suit. Rosie was slightly upset, trying to watch the shot go in (kind of like at the Rock N Romp Halloween Party last year when she couldn't keep her eyes off the Taco costume), so I reached over and covered her face with my hand.

Dash was not a trooper. As soon as that shot went in his thigh, he screamed bloody murder! We were calling the shot a "pinch", so the whole way to the car we kept hearing "No like pinch. Pinch hurt. Don wan ennymore pinch." I did finish their costumes, yay me.

Back to yesterday. Daycare had a costume parade, so the kids were very excited to get all dressed up in them before leaving the house. I think they both participated in the parade, but by the end of it, Rosie was falling asleep and the teacher took her temp to discover a fever. AJS brought Rosie home and she slept for about 5 hours straight. She was a little out of it and weepy when they picked me up at the train station, so really, there was no trick-or-treating in store for her, poor thing.

Dash, however, had removed his costume during the day, so somebody wrote ELMO in marker on his forehead, WHY? I really don't know. So teachers would stop asking what his costume was? I dunno. It's actually quite brilliant. Why make or even buy a costume when you can just write what you are on your forehead in marker?

We still stayed in. Everyone was just not up for braving the streets. That's about it for me. Hail NaBloPoMO!


  1. ELMO? on his forehead? it sounds like some sort of laurie anderson idea to me, frankly.

    and i'm sticking to me theory.

    in other news, i hope rosie is feeling better!!!!!!

  2. Next year, everybody gets "COSTUME" written on their forehead.

    Either that or teeshirts with a picture of an Elmo costume and "Ceci n'est pas une costume" written underneath.

  3. poor rosie. poor dash. pavre striblings. sorry your halloween was so sucktastic.


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