Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy fifth birthday Rosie!

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In this photo, you'll see two things that Rosie really enjoyed about her party (there were many others, of course!): her chocolate cake with white icing and June from Little Einsteins decorated on top (by a professional baker, not me) AND her dear friend Rafaela from preschool. Rafaela is a few months older than Rosie and was able to enter Kindergarten this past September, so Rosie was delighted that Rafi was able to come to her party and they could visit again! They were such great playmates at school and Rafi loooooooves little Dash (just about as much as Sheryl's Kira!!).

Now that she's five, there are many, many things that Rosie has strong opinions about. She likes to wear dresses, rarely pants. Her favorite color right now is pink, but occasionally blue or purple are chosen instead. She doesn't like when the seams of her socks or tights aren't on the right place over her toes. Rosie looks forward to her super-fun ballet class every Saturday and has a few lovely leotards now, thanks to friends and generous neighbors. She loves, loves, loves to spend time with her Grandma Sheila and Auntie M. (I think they are better at focused play than I am.)

Rosie thinks potty-talk is hilarious, likes to wear her curly hair down (but will let me put it up if I insist), and is starting to insist on washing herself in the bath. She doesn't like when I pour water over her head to rinse shampoo out, though. She likes to sing and has been making up ridiculous lyric combos to common songs just to crack herself up. Her favorite toys are Rosa, her TY guinea pig; and a beautiful Belle doll that was a gift from Lila's family. She loves books, playing with her toys (I find them in the oddest places in her room, and can only try to imagine what fantasy tale caused a Ken doll to be abandoned in her kitchen oven), and hiding/giggling with Dash in his room.

She's still a very picky eater: the only meat she seems to eat is chicken, but she will eat edamame beans, lima beans, and all kinds of nuts, so I think she's doing okay for protein. She will eat very small amounts of carrots and broccoli if we insist but will eat as many bowls of rice, noodles, cereal, or couscous as we put in front of her. Her favorite drinks are milk and grape juice. And, of course, she loves most junk food: chips, chocolate, french fries, cheez curls—we try to offer them in low moderation.

She's very sweet and likes to give and receive hugs and kisses. If she feels that she's been shorted a kiss or hug at dropoff, she will burst into heartbroken tears until we come back to fix the discrepancy. She has an easy laugh (we love to tickle her till "no means no!" and tell jokes) and cries at injustices (or errant sock seams) just as readily. She loves her brother especially, all of her family affectionately, and likes to visit with her friend Thea at least once every weekend. Lucky for her, we saw Thea Saturday and Sunday!

I love you, sweetheart!

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