Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flashback: jungle bus

The noisy people I'm traveling with on the commuter bus this afternoon took me back to a memorable high school bus trip.

I'm sure you remember the clowns and the troublemakers that were in your high school? Well our bus driver loved them; I'm sure he used to be one. He would actively enjoy their wackiness and somehow, out of respect for him, they never really got out of control.

There was this one day when the clowns got on and started goofing, making chimpanzee noises. Soon, another wannabe goof tried gibbon whoops, then another, howler monkeys. Other teens tried parrot shrieks and tiger growls. The entire bus population participated now, geeks, losers, prom queens, jocks, burnouts...every last one a jungle animal.

The whole bus vibrated with the sounds of the Rainforest.

What did the driver do? He was laughing so hard, but managed to grab his two-way mike and broadcasted our jungle to the entire high school bus system!



  1. That's beautiful. That's like, in junior and senior high, on the last day of school, without fail, as we were boarding the bus to go home for summer, everyone would start singing Freebird. Complete with guitar solos.

    On a field trip to Harpers Ferry, the entire bus managed to sing all of disc one, side two of Pink Floyd The Wall. Sound effects and everything. It was like that moment after a storm when the sun comes out and birds are singing and you think maybe this God guy really does know WTF he's doing.

  2. That is hilarious!

    Although it does bring back a little of my bus-riding anxiety from middle school. I was never picked on, and yet, I dreaded being picked on. Weird.


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