Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sleep soundtrack for our kids

Now that the tryptophan is wearing off, you
might need few tips on how to get the kids to
sleep in the car. When we are on driving trips and
are trying to enourage the kids to take naps,
AJS has a sure-fire playlist on his iPod. The
songs are predominantly instrumental, knock the
kids right out, and are interesting enough that
we often enjoy continuing to listen. Some of the
albums are:

The Pearl, Ambient 2, Harold Budd

Angels in the Architecture, Michael Brook

Voices, Roger Eno

The Plateau of Mirror, Brian Eno

Gymnopedies, Eric Satie

I hope you enjoy them, too!


  1. good set. i wonder if Thea and Liam would like ambient music. best case scenario, they wouldn't even notice it.

  2. Actually, it's Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror by Harold Budd AND Brian Eno.

    The recent Budd/Guthrie projects seem to knock them out as well.

  3. Thea would probably say, as she did last night on the way home while we were listening to the jazz station, "This music is BORING."


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