Monday, November 26, 2007


I was revisiting a post about Rosie from when Dash was a newborn and found that things haven't changed that much:
"So far, Rosie has ADORED Dash from when she first saw him in the hospital. It's just the cutest thing ever. She forgives him immediately for yanking her hair and gently chastizes him for playing with her toys (and will hand him one of his toys instead). Her favorite thing to do with him is to "make Dash happy" which is to get in his face and imitate me making goo-goo noises at him. Hilarious to hear my nonsense words coming out in her high-pitched voice! There's been a few times when Rosie was "giving" Dash his toys and being too enthusiastic about it. She'd be throwing them in his direction without looking and winged him in the head. I *know* she was just trying to help, so I tried not to be TOO angry when I yelled/explained that she needs to be careful around her brother. They have to learn somehow, you know? It's not all sweetness and light, but I'm just doing my best to show them how to be good siblings to each other."

She really loves him just as much today. They play their hiding game in Dash's crib and like to "read" to each other. In the car on the ride home today, Dash wanted to hold every toy that Rosie was playing with. Even though Rosie pleaded with us that they were HER toys (they were), she still shared them with Dash when we asked. She sucked it up and was the good big sister to her sensitive little brother who hasn't learned to keep his emotions in check.

He will have to learn this lesson at some point. He tries sharing back with her, but only lasts a minute or less before crying for the toy. Thank you, Rosie for being a wonderful big sister and understanding Dash's limits!

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